Rhipsalis crispata - exemplare XL

Rhipsalis crispata - XL specimens

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Full description and specifications

Rhipsalis is an unusual cactus, from the Cactaceae family, native to America, Africa and Asia.
Ideal temperature: 10 °C - 30 °C
Humidity: The drier the environment, the better these plants grow. During the summer, water once a week; in winter every 15 days or even monthly.
Substrate: The best soil for Rhipsalis is well-drained, with the addition of organic material or sawdust.
Fertilization: Fertilization must be done during the vegetative period with fertilizer suitable for cacti.
Following these simple instructions, Rhipsalis will reward you with a wonderful and fragrant bloom!
Pot diameter: 14 cm
The plant is sold without flowers!