Nolina Recurvata 1.5m - Planta Picior de Elefant

Nolina 1.5 m - Elephant's foot

665,00 lei
Full description and specifications
Nolina recurvata or Elephant's foot. Originally from Texas, Mexico, Nolina is a slow-growing plant that rarely reaches 2 m in the apartment. In the natural environment it can reach 8-10 m.
Height with pots included 150-160 cm
Pot diameter 30-35 cm
The height of this plant is approximately 140 cm.
Nolina care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place
Moisture: water only when the soil has dried well
Substrate: neutral peat or a loose mixture; it does not take deep roots, it is planted in low and wide pots at the mouth, to favor the thickening of the trunk
Propagation: by cutting the tip and cuttings
Characteristics: abundant watering leads to rotting of the trunk and roots. It is an exotic plant appreciated for its rebellious appearance. It grows hard, on a thick and gnarled stem, similar to bonsai.