Bulbi de dalie  - Dahlia Joyfull Investment (1 tubercul)
Bulbi de dalie  - Dahlia Joyfull Investment (1 tubercul)

Dahlia bulbs - Dahlia Joyfull Investment (1 tuber)

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Full description and specifications
Dahlia bulbs - Dahlia Pasadoble.
Cultivation instructions:
It is planted at a distance of at least 30 cm and at a depth of at least 10-15 cm.
It prefers well-drained soils, placed in the sun, but protected from strong winds.
Planting period: March - June
Flowering period: July - October.
Height at flowering: 60-75 cm

Flower bulb care instructions:
Potted bulbs need nothing but water to bloom. After a while, the flower will wither and later the leaves will also dry. It is time for the bulb to be carefully removed from the ground, wrapped in a newspaper and stored in a cool and dry place.
It can be replanted in the autumn in pots and if you water it well and keep it in the room, it will bloom right around Christmas. If you decided to plant it directly in the garden, the plant will sprout and bloom in March-April of the following year.