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Tillandsia & terrarium
Nutrient spray for aerial plants (Tillandsia) - organic fertilizer

Nutrient spray for aerial plants (Tillandsia) - organic fertilizer

35,00 lei
Nutritive, fertilizing spray, specially designed for aerial plants - Tillandsia airplant. We recommend you to use this spray for optimal care and fertilization of Tillandsia aerial plants. Fertilizer gives air...
Pietre decorative albe - element decorativ in terrarii plante, pret special

Decorative stones 0.5kg

15,00 lei
Decorative stones can be used in terrariums with succulent plants or aerial plants, in decorating vases with flowers.
Bol sau glob sticla terrarium, cu agatatoare, la un pret special

Terrarium glass globe H12cm

35,00 lei
Transparent glass globe, round, specially created for the terrarium. This globe has hooks and can be hung. You can build your own terrarium, choosing a special glass vessel, decorative stones,...
Cupola de sticla mare pentru trandafiri stabilizati sau criogenati, pret atractiv

Glass dome with wooden support

70,00 lei 90,00 lei
Large glass dome with wooden support, suitable for stabilized roses. The transparent glass domes protect the cryogenic roses, extending their life. Approximate dimensions of the small dome: height 12-14 cm,...
Terariu plante suculente si Tillandsia Air Plant, la pret imbatabil, cu livrare!

Glass globe with aerial plant and colored moss

65,00 lei
Terrarium made in a special glass globe with ventilation, 1 tillandsia airplant and colored stabilized moss. When making terrariums, we always use glass containers together with natural materials and healthy...
The complete range of accessories for plant care: Fertilizer / plant fertilizer, flower substrate / soil, treatments - insecticide, fungicide, acaricide, plastic and ceramic pots and masks, raw materials - perlite, vermiculite, pumice, bark for orchids, clamps and supports.