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Pietre decorative albe - element decorativ in terrarii plante, pret special

Decorative stones 0.5kg

15,00 lei
Decorative stones can be used in terrariums with succulent plants or aerial plants, in decorating vases with flowers.
Pene de paun

Natural peacock feathers

10,00 lei 90,00 lei
Peacock feathers - can be used for decorative purposes. From decorating the house, to the composition of floral arrangements, clothing creations or jewelry. Size: 50-70 cm
The complete range of accessories for plant care: Fertilizer / plant fertilizer, flower substrate / soil, treatments - insecticide, fungicide, acaricide, plastic and ceramic pots and masks, raw materials - perlite, vermiculite, pumice, bark for orchids, clamps and supports.