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Tillandsia & terrarium
Un altfel de globulet de Craciun- Terariu cu Tillandsia si craspedia

A different Christmas ball - Terrarium with red Tillandsia

65,00 lei
Terrarium with tillandsia air plant and a red bow - ornament to put on the tree, a special Christmas gift. Terrarium composed of a special glass bowl with ventilation, a...
Un altfel de globulet - Terrarium cu Tillandsia Air Plant

A different globe for the fir tree - Terrarium with Tillandsia Air Plant

55,00 lei
Choose for Christmas to make a unique gift, a terrarium with tillandsia air plant, as an ornament to put on the tree. The terrarium consists of a special glass bowl...

Christmas wreaths and handmade Christmas arrangements are handmade from natural fir and can be decorated with natural decorative elements such as cinnamon, cotton flowers, dried citrus slices, wild cranberries or ilex.