Flowers March 1-8

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flori parfumate
Stephanotis parfumata - Iasomia de Madagascar (Floarea Fericirii)

Stephanotis parfumata - Madagascar Jasmine (Flower of Happiness)

65,00 lei
Stephanotis floribunda (syn. Stephanotis jasminoides) , popularly called "Jasmine of Madagascar" or "Flower of Happiness" , is a climbing plant with great vigor, fast growth and spectacular flowering (abundance). The...
Frezie galbena in ghiveci - Freesia Popey

Yellow freesia in a pot - Freesia Popey

49,00 lei
Yellow freesia in a pot - Freesia Popey Freesias are delicate and fragrant flowers, known for their beauty and diversity of colors. In Romania, freesias cannot be grown in unprotected...

Plants prepared to be offered on Martissor or Women's Day/Mother's Day. Hyacinth bulbs, daffodil bulbs or plants ready to be offered.

Martisor offers for companies or for loved ones.