Hoya obscura
Hoya obscura

Hoya obscura - developed specimens

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)

without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)
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Hoya obscura is a fast-growing species, originally from the Philippines. It produces small, fragrant, cream-pink flowers with a yellow center. The leaves are light green, with darker veins, approximately 7-15 cm long and 3-5 cm wide.
Placement: it likes the sun, but it should not be placed in direct sunlight
Water: tolerates a certain amount of drought, but the substrate should not be allowed to dry completely.
Temperature: intermediate, 20-25 degrees Celsius
Duration of flowers: about 6 days
Flowers: 30-40 flowers on each umbel

Note: Some leaves may have mechanical defects.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Height with pots included approx. 20 cm