Clerodendrum Thomsoniae, de vanzare, la un pret atractiv

Clerodendrum Thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart) 2-3 plants/pot

55,00 lei

Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a spectacular plant, with lantern-shaped stems, with a long flowering period. It will bloom for most of the year, if it has enough light and heat, but it is very prolific in the warm season. If it is pollinated, the flowers will produce fruit. Even if it is a climbing plant, like a cattle vine, in its native habitat, reaching up to 10-15 meters high, as an apartment plant it will remain much smaller.
This plant needs light to bloom. A sunny window can be enough, if you don't choose to move the pot outdoors, in the warm season. Being a tropical plant, it needs protection against frost.
Careful! This plant is thermosensitive - it could arrive without flowers or with partially spent flowers.
Height with pots approx. 25 cm

Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm