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Aranjamente cu plante
Cyclamen in sac de iuta accesorizat cu un fir de martisor

Cyclamen in a jute bag with twine included

45,00 lei
By Martisor, give an original gift - cyclamen in a jute bag accessorized with a string of martisor Pot diameter 9-10 cm Height with pots included approx. 18 cm *The...
Aranjament de plante - Cyclam in vas decorativ

Cyclamen in a decorative pot

49,00 lei
Arrangement with a potted plant made of a Cyclam in a decorative ceramic pot. Pot diameter 10-12 cm Height with pots included 15-20 cm *The color of the vase and...
Kalanchoe cu sac de iuta si snur de martisor

Kalanchoe with jute bag and martisor string

35,00 lei
By Martisor, give an original gift - kalanchoe in a jute bag accessorized with a string of martisor. Pot diameter 9-10 cm *The color of the flowers is chosen randomly...
Stephanotis, iasomnie in ghiveci in vas decorativ cu snur de martisor

Stephanotis floribunda with decorative pot (Madagascar Jasmine)

95,00 lei
Stephanotis floribunda (syn. Stephanotis jasminoides) , popularly called "Jasmine of Madagascar" or "Flower of Happiness" , is a climbing plant with great vigor, fast growth and spectacular flowering (abundance). The...
Kalanchoe in a ceramic pot

Kalanchoe in a ceramic pot

40,00 lei
Choose a special gift for employees on the occasion of March 1 - 8, a plant in a pot, a kalanchoe in a ceramic pot. Originally from Madagascar, Kalanchoe has...
Cyclamen rosu in ghiveci decorativ, flori de martisor cu pret special

Cyclamen in a red ceramic pot

49,00 lei
A plant in a red ceramic pot, Cyclamen can be successfully offered by the martisor, on March 1 or 8. Cyclamen is a perennial plant that looks like a bush,...
Trandafiri in ghiveci cu vas decorativ

Roses in pots with decorative bowl

49,00 lei
Potted roses are small-scale versions of ordinary roses, and although they vary in many ways, they all have small, sometimes fragrant flowers. They originate in China, from the Chinese rose...
Primula n sac de iuta accesorizata cu un fir de martisor

Primula in a jute bag with a martissor thread attached

15,00 lei
Primula in a jute bag, in various colors, accessorized with a thread of martisor. *The price is displayed per piece! Pot diameter 9 cm. *The color of the flowers is...
Comanda online floarea Gardenia Jasminoides - cel mai bun pret cu livrare!

Gardenia Jasminoides with decorative pot

55,00 lei
Gardenia Jasminoides is a very beautiful plant, with opposite, shiny leaves, with a fine texture and dark green color, this shrub has a compact shape. Gardenias have white flowers that...
Plants prepared to be given as gifts - beautifully packaged or placed in decorative pots.