Hoya danumensis - flori parfumate

Hoya danumensis - flori parfumate

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Hoya danumensis.
Flori parfumate: DA

Vasul decorativ nu este inclus in pret. 
Inaltime cu ghiveci inclus aprox. 25 cm 

Some hoya species are not taking long shipments and temperature differences very well. Here are some known examples of plants that might have problems after shipments (and you will have to deal with them if you order them): macrophylla, vitellinoides (and the others related), danumensis (and similar growing plants), buotii, elliptica, deykeae, wallichii, campanulata, perak.. and there are many more like this. Plants affected by transportation can present issues like: loss of roots, falling leaves.


Stadiu:: fara flori (ghiveci 1.7 inch ~ 7cm)

fara flori (ghiveci 1.7 inch ~ 7cm)