Potted lemon, Meyer Lemon Lisa (arcade) - edible fruit

129,00 lei

Lemons Citrus lemon 'Meyer' (Lisa) - this variety of lemon has increased resistance and a superior quality of the fruit - a sweeter, aromatic and juicier fruit, without seeds, ideal for lemonades. The skin is thinner and smoother, and the well-ripened fruits turn orange. The peel smells of lemon, orange and light notes of jasmine.

The Meyer lemon has its origin in China. It is supposed to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. Due to its special fruits and abundant production, it has become one of the most appreciated varieties in the world.

Growing suggestion: This variety tends to fruit abundantly from a young age (relatively small plant size). To support the weight of the fruits, it is recommended to support the fruiting branches by fixing them on a trellis.

Pot diameter 14 cm
Width with pots included approx. 40 cm
Producer: Citrina

Read the complete citrus care guide on the blog.

Note: All the citrus fruits that we sell are edible as a species (that is, they produce fruits that can be consumed), with the mention that some producers (such as Citrina) obtain additional certifications of the culture for "edible fruits" consumption.

Note: There is a possibility that ripe fruits may fall during transport. The fruits can be in various stages of development, depending on the season.

No fruit: 1-3 fruits

1-3 fruits
No fruit