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Hoya retusa - lemon scent (Grass Leafed Hoya)

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Hoya retusa - a species native to India, which stands out primarily for its unusual appearance for a Hoya. The leaves are flat, narrow, long, thin and grow in clusters. The flowers are flat, 1-3 in a cluster, white with a red center - appear and open almost simultaneously on several branches, generating a "rain of stars" appearance. The perfume of the flowers is of medium intensity and reminds us of citrus/lemon.
Flowering is favored by the temperature differences between day and night, and the flowers have a very long lifespan, up to 14 days. It is not recommended to move the plant after the formation of buds.
The plant does not present distinct sensitivities and growth difficulties. Abundant, excessive watering is to be avoided. It prefers intermediate temperatures and tolerates for certain periods lower temperatures, of at least 10 degrees Celsius, or very high, up to 35°C.
Hoya retusa is also known by the popular name Grass Leafed Hoya, and some botanists have appreciated it as a "Botanical masterpiece".
Flower size: 1.2 cm and 1-3/umbela
Corolla color: white
Corona color: dark red
Lifetime of flowers: 10-14 days
Leaf size: length 3-5 cm

Fragrant flowers: YES

Stage:: without flowers (pot 6cm)

without flowers (pot 6cm)