Dithane M 45 20 g - fungicid de contact eficient, la cel mai bun pret

Dithane M-45 - multispecific contact fungicide

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Weight: 20 g

20 g
Full description and specifications

Dithane is a particularly effective contact fungicide, multispecific, with a broad spectrum of action.
Diseases and fungi combated: downy mildew (phytophora infestans), rhizoctoniosis, brown spot, septoriosis, bacterial cancer, white spot, anthracnose, fusarium (fusarium ssp), moniliosis, leaf spotting, gray rot, rust, molds. For enhanced efficiency, it is recommended to apply together with a systemic, penetrating fungicide.
Mancozeb is the most used active ingredient worldwide, for combating over 400 fungal and bacterial diseases in over 70 crops. Due to its multisite mode of action (interrupts the enzymatic activity in 6 different points), it prevents the emergence of the phenomenon of resistance. To amplify the effect, it is combined or alternated with a systemic fungicide.
It can also be applied preventively, before the period when the plants are susceptible to the appearance of fungal problems (e.g. before periods with temperature variations; before the cold season, in the case of orchids and other exotic plants, etc.). The protection period depends on local conditions and varies from 7 to 14 days. In conditions of strong infestation, the maximum approved dose will be used.
Dilution: 20 grams in 10L of water. 10L of water ensures the treatment for approx. 100 square meters of gardens
Active substance: 80% mancozeb. Used in repeated treatments, it has a secondary acaricidal effect.