Comanda  MOSPILAN 20 SG 3g, insecticid orhidee eficient, la cel mai bun pret

MOSPILAN 20 SG - systemic insecticide

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Mospilan - a systemic insecticide from the group of neonicotinoids, with a long-lasting effect and a broad spectrum of control, contains acetamipyrid as an active substance, being particularly effective against all stages of development of insects and mites (egg - larva - adult). Its quick and lasting action (over 3 weeks) on the nervous system of invertebrates leads to their paralysis and later their death, without the effects being affected by temperature variations or rains or the administration of irrigation.
Successful results of Mospilan are known in combating aphids, woolly lice, thrips (especially the Californian and tobacco thrips), grain bugs, green lice, greenhouse whitefly, gray lice, green apple lice, red mites, of San Jose lice, honey fleas, vine moth, canola stem borer, canola wasp, canola glossy beetle, Colorado beetles, etc. Mospilan has been successfully used in the treatment of orchids (without loss of inflorescences) and other exotic plants.
Mospilan also has an acaricidal side effect, destroying eggs in particular.
Active substance: Acetamiprid 20%
General dilution: one sachet of 1.5 g in 5 l of water or 3 g in 10 l of water. A special benefit of this product is the extremely short break period, from application to harvest, in the case of use in vegetable cultivation or fruit tree treatment. For the effectiveness of the treatments and to avoid the establishment of resistance, it is recommended to alternate the treatments with insecticides from other chemical groups.
• It presents low toxicity for humans, animals and the environment.
• It is friendly to beneficial entomofauna.
Consult the instructions on the packaging. The dilution will be adapted according to the culture and the targeted pests.

Genre/Type: Herbal treatments

Weight: 1.5 g

1.5 g
3 g