Cumpara Bonsai Ulmus parviflolia, Ulmul chinezesc, cel mai bun pret

Bonsai Ulmus parviflolia form S - Chinese elm

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The Chinese elm (Ulmus parviflora) is a tree that forms a very thin network of secondary branches on the main branches, being perfect for use as bonsai.
Ulmus parviflora is the most proportionate bonsai, it is easy to maintain and can be grown both as an indoor bonsai and as an outdoor bonsai. It is often confused with species such as Zelkova, but when comparing the leaves of both trees, the difference is remarkable.
Plant height 28 cm
Pot diameter 21 cm The term bonsai has two meanings. On the one hand, it refers to dwarf trees planted in pots, and on the other, it defines the art of cultivating and caring for these trees.
Bonsai care instructions
Location: Bright place, protected from strong sun. In the warm season, you can sit outside or on the terraces. Do not place near heat sources.
Watering: Water every 3-4 days - depending on the ambient temperature and location
Features: Robust bonsai, very easy to care for. The crown can be easily trimmed to obtain the desired shape.
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