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Orchid Oncidium Twinkle mix - fragrant

35,00 lei

Orchid Oncidium Twinkle is a miniature Oncidium, easy to grow.
This oncidium produces a lot of popcorn-like flowers. The flowers have a surprisingly strong, sweet fragrance.
Optimum temperature: 14 ° -22 ° C
Water: water weekly
Air humidity: 60-70%
Placement: partial shade + good ventilation
Flower size: 1 cm
Flowering season: August - February
Flowering time: 4-5 weeks
Fragrance: a strong sweet scent
Height with pots included 25 cm
Pot diameter 9 cm
*The displayed price is for 1 potted plant. The colors are not known.
Fragrant flowers: YES

Stage:: without flowers (pot 9 cm)

without flowers (pot 9 cm)